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Twittering Radio

Here’s a thought.  Twitter.  Ever monitor thru using the Search.twitter.com function to see who’s talking about you?  Its commonplace in people who understand social media.  Just use the keyword or words you want Twitter to look for, then have it sent to your RSS reader for later consumption.

I’ve been watching the word ‘radio’ in a couple of markets I’m interested in.  Plus call letters of the stations.  Finding out something that we knew instinctively…but its painful to see.  Or rather not see.


Heck, I’m even looking at PR groups…who’s goal in life is to find a pitch to use on our morning shows so clients can get free air time.  They (PR) gets paid.  We (radio) get used.

They don’t even talk about us.  That includes rock stations and younger targeted stations whom you would think Twitter would be a target.


I used Twitter in Phoenix to keep track of the other guys morning show, their calls, my calls, my morning show, etc.  If people had conversations about them, I wanted to get involved.

Didn’t take much of my time.  Cause there was rarely anything there.

One of two conclusions.  All the focus on Twitter is wrong for radio cause our listeners don’t give a damn.


Our listeners don’t give a damn about us.

Then there’s how we use Twitter.  I follow the highest profile guy in radio in America.  The use is astoundingly bad.  I mean…the weather in LA.  Give me a break. If that’s all the interesting you are, how are you getting paid? 

I’d like to buy a clue please. 


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Radio in a “measured” world

One of the reasons radio fails to recollect in “post buy surveys”  is the ubiquity of what we do.  The other is in running 11 units at a time and being amazed that listeners aren’t listening, and clients aren’t getting results.  Of course, we could add to that problem the disastrous copy writing and poor production that goes into many of the commercials, and we get where we are.

Here’s an idea that would take time, but might help.  Put the spots online.  I don’t mean in the streams…I mean put the audio of every single advertiser on line in a searchable database.  Listeners don’t know the client sometimes…but they’ll remember they heard a car spot…or a weight loss commercial, or get out of debt spot.  Why aren’t these online?  Why do we make it so damn hard for listeners to get what they want?

Go further.  Transcribe and post the copy too.  Tag the spots so they can be searched at ease by a listener…like you would I tunes.  Heck, use an I-tunes like interface to help listeners find the copy.  We are already putting our copy into computers now…what’s one more step.

Any of that work would go further in helping our audiences and our advertisers.  We look to maintain a difference…a way to build value.  Here’s one.

Of course some NTR person will think…oh look something else I can charge for?  Or a seller…look something else I can giveaway.

See anything about the listener in either of these statements.

One final thought on social media and radio.  If we actually had earned trust from our listeners…if they actually thought what we did had value…wouldn’t it be easier to go on Twitter say, and tell people about a great deal that might interest them.  You only earn the right to market to them after you’ve earned their trust and conviction.  We used to have a program in place for our morning show endorsements.  It was a Make Right policy.  If a listener called to complain about anything that happened at an endorsed business, the business must make the listener happy.  No ifs, ands, or buts.  If they didn’t, we didn’t endorse them.

Sell that idea to a seller today.  Credibility.  What BS!

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