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Why radio can’t be Pandora

I have a confession.  I bought into the Pandora hype.  I really believed they had some secret ju-ju that could figure out what I liked and what I didn’t.  I began to believe the “music genome project” was REAL!

Silly me.

And I’ve been marketing all my life.  And almost missed it.  Its a game.  Like match the 4 numbers in the envelope I’m holding to win a million bucks.  Or if your birthday is in the envelope when I open it tomorrow, you win.

Its all about the marketing.

When they play something I don’t like, I tell them.  Or stop listening.  Just like I would a radio station.  Must be something wrong with the “music genome project tonight”, I mutter.

Nope, its plain marketing.

Radio can do this.  It doesn’t want to.  We used to run variety promos talking about the largest music library in the (fill in the blank)  Playing more different songs than (blank)

We don’t do that now.  Because there’s no trust.

When a marketer loses his listener or subscriber trust, there’s hell to pay.  Radio can’t be trusted.  Pandora, as it begins running commercials, is blowing the trust it gained.

What’s next?

How about the truth?


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