You are what you are

There’s a famous quote from Marshall McLuhan that takes me back to my J School days.  “The medium is the message.”  Simple, and deep.  You may have said it about people you’ve met before.  Like the homeless guy on the street.  You immediately judge the person.  Or the overweight person who’s clothes are too tight.  Or the woman who’s dressed so scantily that…well.

“The medium is the message”   What you are speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you are saying.

Radio, and really all media are in that boat.  We are old.  We are irrelevant.  We are boring. We play too many commercials and repeat the same 10 songs.

Not my point of view.  Its the listeners view.  Particularly those under 40. Ask them.

We run the risk of becoming McLuhan’s description of a light bulb.  A medium that provides a social benefit.  And has no content.

Changing that is going to be as much of a challenge, as convincing you the homeless guy on the street has an IQ of 145, and worked for Boeing.


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